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The Republic of Turkey was established in 1923. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the nation in 2023, Turkish President Erdogan adopted various incentive policies to make Turkey one of the top ten economies in the world. In September 2018, the Turkish Parliament revised the bill to lower the minimum amount of real estate investment immigration from US$1 million to US$250,000, making Turkey a dark horse in the global investment immigration market in 2019, attracting much attention from the market.

In the context of the global spread of the new covid 19 epidemic, Turkey's annual housing sales volume in 2020 is 1,499,316 units, an increase of 11.2% over 2019, the highest in the past eight years. Among them, Istanbul has the highest share of housing sales, with 265,098 units sold, accounting for 17.7%

At the beginning of 2021, the Good News Consortium ( also focused its attention on Turkey. It plans to build the GOOD NEWS TOWER, Turkey’s tallest building in Istanbul, with a height of 398 meters, 93 floors above ground and 7 floors underground (total 100 floors), currently looking for suitable plots.

The Good News Consortium was initiated and established by professionals in the real estate and financial fields in China, the United States, and Turkey. They focus on real estate development, private equity and immigration businesses, and provide their clients with the latest and best through a partner program. Investment opportunities and a full range of transnational value-added services, hoping to bring more good news to the world.

It is understood that the Good News Consortium was initiated by Dr. Lingyun Xiang , a well-known investor, economist in the U.S., and the world’s outstanding Chinese. It quickly got the founding of PARTNERS UNION ( who has been engaged in real estate asset management in China for a long time. Mr. Jin Zhenwei and Mr. Xu Haobo, the chairman of Istanbul Investment Immigration Real Estate Service Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in overseas investment and immigration for many years, responded positively. Subsequently, industry insiders from Turkey and many countries joined.

The Partners Union was established by more than 20 shareholders including financial practitioners and outstanding entrepreneurs of the second/third generation, focusing on investment in real estate and other fields; advocating "more dimensional due diligence, more angle identification of risks, and more Multi-measures to control risks and reduce risks in a more comprehensive way". Istanbul Investment Immigration Real Estate Service Co., Ltd. believes in "sincerity is the greatest wisdom", is well versed in the real needs and problems of different types of investors, and can quickly provide comprehensive and comprehensive solutions.

In addition to Turkey’s highly cost-effective immigration policy of US$250,000, Istanbul, as a first-tier city in the world, has a population of nearly 20 million, and its young population structure and great economic growth potential are also important considerations for the Good News Consortium to choose Turkey. Turkey's GDP in 2020 has increased by 1.8% compared to 2019. Among the G20 countries, only China and Turkey have achieved positive growth.

The GOOD NEWS TOWER was selected by the American Longan Group to plan and design, and the famous architect Mr. James C. Jao served as the general counsel. It is reported that Longan Group was established in New York in 1984. Its founder, Mr. James C. Jao, is the former director of the New York City Planning Bureau and a senior American planning and construction expert from the Foreign Experts Bureau of the State Council of China. Mr. Jao obtained an architect license in 1982, becoming the youngest architect in the history of the United States to obtain a license. He was selected by the American Institute of Architects as the "Outstanding Minority Architect" and the "Top Ten American Young People" in 1988 and 1989, respectively. architect". In 1993, to witness James C. Jao’s contribution to public services, Manhattan, New York designated December 7 every year as "James C. Jao Day"; at the same time, as the first Asian-American bureau-level official in New York City in 360 years, he also Won the commendation order from the Governor of New York State and the Mayor of New York City, and was selected as the "Chinese American Personalities".

At the beginning of this century, Mr. Jao led Longan to enter Beijing in 2001 at the call of former Premier Zhu Rongji. Longan Group combines the linking fund and design win-win business model, adheres to the development concept of "providing Chinese people with world-class green low-carbon buildings", and extensively participates in urban planning, construction and urban operation in the process of urbanization in China. It is recommended as a "professional unit that can implement international design concepts" in China, and enjoys the reputation of "China's most influential brand design group". In the 20 years since he returned to China, Mr. Jao has trained more than 100,000 local cadres and officials for the Chinese government and has been hired as a senior urban planning consultant for more than 30 provinces and cities. His deeds are displayed in the Hall of Fame of the China Engineering Consulting Museum.

The Good News Consortium chose to join forces with Long An Group, which made us look forward to the completion of the GOOD NEWS TOWER, and received positive responses and strong support from all walks of life.

The World Emergency Rescue Organization (“WERO”), co-sponsored by 66 countries, stated that the name of GOOD NEWS TOWER is very good, just like WERO is strengthening the global disaster prevention, mitigation and disaster relief capabilities. The emergency assistance services provided are also bringing good news, light and hope to those who are in disasters.

Ge Yunming, chairman of the Cambodian Federation of Commerce and Industry (CFIC), said that CFIC plays an important role in building a bridge between supply and demand between the Cambodian government and industrial and commercial enterprises, especially in promoting the strategic cooperation between Cambodian industrial and commercial enterprises and foreign enterprises. Bonding. CFIC has been committed to linking and participating in the "Belt and Road" construction initiated by countries around the world, especially China, and to carry out exchanges and cooperation in international investment promotion, international financial trade and other aspects. I hope that the Cambodian business community can have the opportunity to participate in the investment and construction of the GOOD NEWS TOWER, and take this opportunity to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the Cambodian and Turkish industries. Xiang Jian, the founder of Sino-European Manufacturing Club ("SEMC"), said that as the only city in the world that straddles Europe and Asia, Istanbul’s strategic location is important and it is also important for Sino-European manufacturing exchanges and cooperation. Portal. As a member of the Sino-Europe Science and Technology Group, SEMC was established in 2013 by 28 most influential entrepreneurs, technical experts, politicians, and economists in China and Europe. It has successfully operated the Sino-British Biomedical Industry Fund and the Jiazhi Corporation. School, Tropical Island Resort, International Spirits Innovation Research Institute, as well as Sina Weibo, Jingdong Logistics project financing. I hope SEMC can have the opportunity to participate in the investment and construction of GOOD NEWS TOWER, and take this opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Turkish manufacturing.

The co-chair of the United Nations Science Technology Organizations (UNSTO), Academician Michael Saunders of Stanford University, and Professor Guo Youzhong, a famous scientist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also sent blessings and looked forward to the completion of the GOOD NEWS TOWER. It can provide a communication platform for practitioners in the field of science and technology and blockchain in Eurasia, and make a certain contribution to the promotion of the development of global integration of science and technology.

It is hoped that this latest landmark created by the outstanding teams of China, the United States, and Turkey can deepen mutual understanding between the people of the three countries, strengthen their exchanges and cooperation in the economic/cultural and technology fields, promote regional stability, peace and development, and bring real life to the world. The good news. Wall Street Journal US News

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