City Friends Connect: Blessings from Murcia to Jinan



In order to showcase the history of friendly exchanges between Jinan and its international sister cities, to witness the fruitful outcomes of the sister city relationship between the two cities, and to promote the longstanding traditional friendship between them, as well as to tell Jinan’s story to the world, the Jinan International Communication Center has launched the Jinan Talks: City Friends Connect series. This series will be featured in well-known media outlets both domestically and internationally, spreading the splendid chapters of cooperation and mutual benefit between Jinan and its international sister cities. The first episode of this series invited Mr. Sun Wei, the representative of the Murcia Autonomous Region of Spain to China.


Mr. Sun Wei expressed that over the past three years, Jinan has made remarkable progress in areas such as its business environment, industrial restructuring, and technical exchanges with foreign-funded enterprises. From the government level to the corporate level, Jinan has embraced the world with a more open and inclusive attitude.


“Companies from Shandong province, especially Jinan, possess an open-minded attitude. Government departments have provided significant support to foreign enterprises like us for technical exchanges and investments in Shandong province. Based on this foundation, we hope to further promote enterprises from the Murcia Autonomous Region to bring novel technologies and foster more commercial cooperation to Shandong and Jinan. Through such exchanges, we aim to enhance mutual understanding and promote cultural interactions among the people.”


Regarding cultural exchange and mutual learning, Mr. Sun Wei emphasized that both Murcia and Jinan possess unique urban cultures and historical heritage. He hopes that these two cities can engage in exchanges in culture, sports, economy, and other fields. By fostering exchanges and interactions between governments and enterprises that benefit the public, promoting mutual understanding in the realm of culture, and allowing more friendships to take root among the people, Jinan and Murcia can continually elevate their grassroots-friendly cooperation to new heights.

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