International Women's Day in Gangcheng | Today, she wants...



The "she"

is one of millions of ordinary women.

As time passes, youth blossoms,

on International Women's Day,

what thoughts do they have?

Come, let's listen together!

"I want to celebrate with my mom"

"In my memories, my mom has always been like a middle-aged woman, so I often forget that she was once a blooming young girl." Liu Chenyu, a "90s" postgraduate who recently entered the workforce, has undergone the transition from student to professional in these years, and the time spent with her mom has become less and less.


Celebrating with her mom means going out for a spring outing, camping, having a picnic, or finding a quiet place to share heartfelt conversations. This is Liu Chenyu's small wish.

"I want freedom"

"Today is a day off, the child is at school, no need to take care of anyone. I just want to immerse myself in 'lying flat,' not set an alarm, sleep until I naturally wake up; not cook, just order takeout. A bit willful, a taste of freedom!" said Meng Xiaoran, an "80s" community worker.


On this day, she wants to break free from the roles of a worker and a mother and enjoy a relaxing moment.

"I want to live a day for myself"

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, picking up the kids... This is a typical day for Ju Li, a "70s" homemaker. "Since becoming a homemaker, every day revolves around pots, pans, and my husband and children. I hardly think about what I need for myself," says Ju Li.


"I want to live a day for myself, meet friends for a hike, have a meal, stroll around. If possible, I'd like to go to the gym and experience the feeling of sweating!" Ju Li says.

"I want to admire flowers"

"It's not even Women's Day yet, and my friends have already invited me to admire flowers!" Zhang Mei, a retired worker in her "60s," wears a face full of happiness. After retirement, she developed various hobbies like dancing, yoga, and traveling, enriching her life.


Every year, the flowers may look similar, but each year and each stage of life is unique. "Every stage of life is one-of-a-kind. If you treat it seriously, it will shine. Loving oneself is the most important!" In her 50s, Zhang Mei truly embodies the spirit of a youth.

In addition to these wishes, "she" also has these down-to-earth and sincere desires:

"I want to take a set of portraits to capture the most beautiful version of myself." Office clerk Shang Xuefei says.


"I want to go to Qingdao and see the sea, feel the sea breeze!" Sanitation worker Wu Xiuling says.


"On this day, of course, I want to spend it with my family! Watching a movie, having a big meal... anything is fine!" What pharmacy worker Liu Daoxiu most wants to do is be with her family.



are the flowers blooming in the fields,

are the stars twinkling in the night sky,

like the spring breeze, radiant and youthful.

Every moment in life is magnificent.

Salute to the "she" not confined by definitions!

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