Students in Gangcheng of Jinan Engage in Campus Science and Technology Festival



On May 13th, the 8th National Science and Technology Workers' Day in China, a campus science and technology festival kicked off at Bayi Hope Primary School in Xinzhuang, Gangcheng district, Jinan.


The theme of the festival was "Technology Illuminates the Future, Innovation Achieves Dreams." During the opening ceremony, outstanding organizing units, excellent guiding teachers, and award-winning works of the festival were commended. The choir performance of "Science Illuminates the Future" and the science experiment showcase by the teachers ignited enthusiastic applause from the students, sparking their passion for exploring the mysteries of science.


The student experience activities were divided into seven areas. In the areas of scientific experiments, the provincial science museum exhibition, and the technology instrument experience, students gained a firsthand understanding of the latest achievements in various technological fields. Particularly, experiences like simulated airplane flights and other smart projects left everyone amazed.


In the student works exhibition area, student talent exhibition area, school club exhibition area, and school work exhibition area, students showcased their work using relevant materials, attracting a large number of fellow students to participate. Explainers elucidated the principles behind each activity, encouraging students to think through phenomena and understand their principles and essence, creating an atmosphere filled with gasps of surprise and cheerful laughter.


Liu Yimeng, a fourth grader, said, "Today, I participated in experiments like the Magdeburg Hemisphere and the paper cup stand challenge. Things from textbooks appeared right before our eyes, igniting our desire to explore the mysteries of science. It's really meaningful."


"The successful organization of this year's science and technology festival not only enriches students' campus cultural life but also enhances their scientific literacy and innovation capabilities. It will have a profound impact on students' future learning and growth and inject new vitality into the school's science and technology innovation education," said Zhang Mingwu, the principal.


The Association for Science and Technology of Gangcheng attaches great importance to improving the quality of young people. This event is a concrete manifestation of the "Spring of Science" action plan for enhancing the scientific literacy of young people, creating a strong scientific atmosphere, stimulating students' interest in learning, allowing students to experience, innovate, and grow during the activities, and laying a solid foundation for the development of their individual strengths.

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